About us

Society for Social Empowerment & Training (SSET) is a not for profit organisation formed in 2009. Our core team consists of academician, educationists and persons with strong corporate and social sector backgrounds. The core team is ably assisted by support staff of young professionals who are in turn supported by large number of volunteers willing to work for a deserving cause.

We work towards a vision of leaving a sustainable world for future generations collaborations with various stakeholders and likeminded changemakers to leverage collective knowledge, resources, and expertise towards shared goals. We strive to amplify and give visibility to on ground work and facilitate its scalability..

We believe that collaboration is the key to achieving desired social impact and hence work very closely with corporates, academia and government to create meaningful collaborations. We have largely worked in the area of Environment Protection, Education, Health & Hygiene & Skill Development..

Current Projects

Soil Health

Years of intensive agriculture have damaged the soil through erosion and overuse of fertilisers and pesticides. Climate Change and growing populations mean that our soils are under more pressure than ever before. Research says up to 40% of the land on Earth is now degraded, worsening the effects of climate change and causing hunger and poverty.

Water Conservation

Many regions in India inspite of receiving adequate rainfall become dry in 3 – 4 months post monsoon because a high run off caused by shallow water bodies and lack of check dams to hold the water. This run off can be arrested by creating storage capacity of 5-10 crore liters of water in each village of area around 1000 hectares in the forms of multiple check dams and tanks on rivers and rivulets.

Financial Literacy

Financial illiteracy affects all ages and all socioeconomic levels. The lack of financial literacy can lead to large amounts of debt and poor financial decisions. It is established that financially literate individuals plan better, save more, earn more on their investments, and manage their money better in retirement.


Past and Present Partners