Financial Literacy

Financial illiteracy affects all ages and all socioeconomic levels. The lack of financial literacy can lead to large amounts of debt and poor financial decisions. It is established that financially literate individuals plan better, save more, earn more on their investments, and manage their money better in retirement. Financial literacy leads to stable families and communities.

Covid Care

As a part of Mahapeconet (a collaboration between State government of Maharashtra and UNICEF) initiative we worked with the Bhiwandi Nizampur Municipal Corporation to supply 10 pediatric Bipap machines and 5 pediatric multi parameter monitors for their dedicated covid facilities. Other than this we have supported many families with dry rations throughout state of Maharashtra.

Project Kalyani

Setting up of sanitary napkin making machines for Women’s Self Help Groups including training and hand holding for such time that the unit becomes self sustaining. Aim was to create awareness of need to use a sanitary napkin leading to better hygiene, reduction in absenteeism in girl students and creation of women entrepreneurs and job creation.

Skill Development

We have established a center for women in Mahul Village, Mumbai where about 20 women from an SRA settlement are trained and equipped with sewing, stitching skills and other related crafts to create handicrafts against orders procured for such items. Thus the women not only learn new skills but also are gainfully employed.