Objective: To empower women by creating awareness and education about basic hygiene practices thereby bringing about a life style change leading to a healthier living. Project Highlights: Project aimed at empowering women through awareness creation, training and bringing about a lifestyle change. Creation of entrepreneurial opportunities for under privileged women thereby teaching them commercial & life skills such as administration, record keeping, book keeping etc. Creating direct employment of 4 – 5 persons per machine installed. Skill building for persons employed and thereby adding to the semi-skilled pool of the nation. Creating possibilities of employing people who are physically and / or mentally challenged. Each Project (one machine ) installed will impact 7100 beneficiaries Deliverables of Project Kalyani: Better Health and Hygiene of rural women and adolescents leading to:-
  • reduced school dropout rates for adolescents
  • lowering of RTI rates among women and adolescents
  • increase in productivity levels of women
  • Sustainable business venture for Local SHG which will not only provide employment for them but also empower them as individuals
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