Many regions in India inspite of receiving adequate rainfall become dry in 3 – 4 months post monsoon because a high run off caused by shallow water bodies and lack of check dams to hold the water.

This run off can be arrested by creating storage capacity of 5-10 crore liters of water in each village of area around 1000 hectares in the forms of multiple check dams and tanks on rivers and rivulets. Trees plantation on the bank of the rivers stabilizes these structures. Desiltation opens the pores in the ground. This work hastens groundwater recharge, raising it up to 5 feet from the ground. It rejuvenates streams and clear flow of water lasts till the month of March/April in the river.

Our experienced implementation team through community engagement, brings farmers together, convince them to contribute 50% of the expense for Desiltation of water bodies in the village, making tanks, check dams and tree plantation. The other 50% of the expenses are collected from donors. 

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