Services Offered

SSET is a not-for-profit society providing vocational training with placement as well as employability skills training and career guidance to young people from disadvantaged backgrounds in India.

We set up Skill Hubs in rural areas/Tier 2& 3 cities and enable access to world class training and skilling solutions in these markets. We work with the community to translate candidates into employable resources in sectors requiring specialized skills. These are in turn trained and certified on industry relevant skills. We also try and enable job linkages through our SKILL HUBs.

Four Step Process

We provide counseling and assessment services to an individual. Based on the assessment report we either recommend further training or register the worker for work linkages.

Following vocational skill courses are provided through Skill Hubs

  • Beauty and Hair Care
  • Tailoring
  • Banking
  • Retail
  • Spa & Wellness
  • Security

These Skill Hubs will become the focal point for job fairs and become the databank for potential recruits in the local market.

Every registered trainee gets access to resources enabling banking, accident insurance and enrollment in relevant social welfare schemes. They are also provided with an identity card as part of the registration process.

The registration helps in establishing an identity for the worker and tracking their movement as they make their way across the employment ecosystem.