Tata Institute of Social Sciences(TISS) has taken the initiative to provide immediate and definite interventions to improve the lives of disadvantaged and marginalized youth, especially who are excluded by the formal school education system through appropriate vocational training programs.

SSET is one of the few NGO’s working with TISS in Maharashtra as a Learning Hub Partner providing this unique Work Integrated Modular Degree Course which gives the candidates the advantage of earning , training & learning to become well rounded in their fields.

For getting information on our training programs for enrollment contact  us at [email protected]  and write to us what you are interested in and one of our counselors will be in touch with you . You can also call our counselor  at 91-8976440020 and speak to Ms.  Meera Singh.

TISS Bachelors in Vocational Studies

TISS Bachelors in Vocational Studies:

  • Patient Care Management: A unique course with combined Patient Care & Hospital administration .
  • Banking & Financial Services & Insurance : A course that combines all rounded knowledge in all three sectors of Banking, various financials Products and Insurance.

All Courses have Tie ups with Industry Partners where each student is provided with Skill training of up to 40-45 hrs and classroom training of upto 12 hrs per week. On completion of these courses the candidates gets a three year work certificate along with the opportunity to be absorbed within the trainers organization.